First online country,

The first online country that builds global communities. Supported by a digital currency

An unique currency, by format and utility!

In the first online country, a lot of perspectives will open up for you. To connect with Romanians from all around the world, to learn, to travel, to have fun, to buy. An active digital life, supported by a super currency: RUA COIN (RUAC)

Accessing an online gaming competition? Or maybe an online course. Or, why not, super benefits when purchasing a Romanian product with a higher value. With RUA Coin you get a lot of opportunities every day. In the first online country: RUA.

RUA Coin technology

Our smart contract technology will bridge the gap between our ecosystem audience and the integrated products and services we offer.

Using the power and benefits of blockchain technology, we will improve transaction security and capture added value by eliminating the need for many intermediaries. In this process, we will organically create a supply-demand marketplace for our smart token, with huge potential for further expansion.


Home is a feeling


Welcome to the RUA online country

Rua Connect – a social application for Romanians worldwide.

Rua Games – an online gaming platform where you can compete with other users on the most popular games (Fifa, Fortnite).

Rua Academy – an e-learning platform, both for the white collar public and for the blue collar public, developed together with the most important universities in Romania.

Rua Store – an online store with the most appreciated Romanian brands or products made in Romania, which can be purchased worldwide.

Rua Foundation – we promote the concept of volunteering among Romanians around the world, through a mobile application and a platform dedicated to social cases

Rua Media – meet the most beautiful and authentic Romanians, in the series of videocasts “Fii de 10” and “Povești de 10”; captivating, inspirational interviews moderated by RUA’s Ambassador, Dan Negru

Rua Home Invest – a platform with the newest and most promising real estate projects in Romania

Rua Radio – an online radio with Romanian music and positive news from and about Romania

Rua Travel – “Discover deep Romania” is our promise for travelers who want to live authentic experiences in Romania.

Roadmap RUA Coin

We are building an online country, step by step, together with Romanian communities from all over the world.
We want to share with you every step of the project development. Here’s what the first steps look like:

1st Dec - 2021
1st Dec 2021 – 1st Jan 2022
Donating 100,000,000 RUAC coins to Romanians worldwide.
Dec 2021 - Mar 2022
Growing the RUA Connect community.
15th Jan 2022
The beginning of the presale period.
Jan - Mar 2022
Launch of RUA Games, forming a first community of users.
Feb 2022 - Apr 2022
Integration of the RUAC currency into three of the RUA products – Connect, Games and Store.

How RUA Coin (RUAC) Values Will Grow

The first online country, RUA, is made up of communities

of users from all over the world who socialize, shop online, watch video content, travel, listen to music, play games, take online courses, or engage in volunteer campaigns. Actions they perform in the RUA ecosystem. Of course, the growth of the RUA community positively influences the value of the token.

Integrating the token with RUA Games or RUA Store?

How about using the RUA Coin inside the all the ecosystem. We aim to empower the RUA token, giving it UTILITY in each of our products. Extra swipes in RUA Connect? Use RUA Coin. A musical dedication on RUA Radio? With RUA Coin. Participate in a RUA Games competition or purchase a product from the RUA Store. Of course, using RUA Coin. But the usefulness of the token does not stop there. We want RUAC to be adopted outside the ecosystem, so that you have access to a medical service, a concert or to use it in the purchase of a croissant, in a pastry shop, for example. This means an extra UTILITY, which we are already working on.

Today RUA means Romanians United at Home.

A vector of unity for Romanians around the world. A promoter of the country image and of the Romanian product. Or maybe the first contact of people of other nationalities with Romania, with Romanians. The whole developed ecosystem is designed to offer the possibility to Bulgarians, Hungarians, Italians or Irish to also have an online country, giving SCALABILITY to the concept initiated by the RUA.


  • Token Sale - 15%
  • Team - 10%
  • Marketing - 18%
  • Charity - 5%
  • Bonus pool - 1%
  • Liquidity - 1%
  • Holding rewards - 3%
  • Development - 3%
  • Reserve - 10%
  • Advisors - 1%

Presale RUA Coin

We start the first stage of presale at the beginning of 2022, from January 15th. Until then, you can be one of the first holders of RUA coins, offered as a GIFT in December.

Private Sale 1 start
15 Feb 2022
Private Sale 2 start
15 Mar 2022
Acceptable currencies:
Total token supply: (100%)
Exchange rate:
1 RUA Coin (RUAC) = 0,0008 USDT
Token standard:
BEP 20


People give the authenticity and uniqueness of a project. People motivated by enthusiasm, rich life experiences and wisdom gained through education and projects. People who have had contact with the diaspora or are still part of these communities.

And, first of all: people who have taken on the role of creators of the first online country:

Cezar Sigmirean


Aron Samu


Martin Wyss

Business Advisor

Dan Negru

Brand Ambassador

Ștefan Bartiș

Business Developer

Marcel Maier

Business Developer

Melinda Raduly

Senior Designer

Mircea Recheșan


Victor Gavronschi

Marketing Advisor